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Our Main Services

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Recruitment and Staffing Services

RTMA Group offers comprehensive recruitment services for various industries. We specialize in sourcing qualified professionals, mid-level managers, and top executives. Our team employs advanced candidate search and evaluation methods, including direct search and in-depth analysis of candidates' professional and personal qualities, ensuring high-quality hires and long-term results for our clients.

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Competency Assessment and Analysis

We provide a wide range of services for assessing candidates' qualifications and competencies. This includes professional testing, psychological assessments, and assessment centers. Our goal is to ensure candidates fully match the job requirements and the client company's corporate culture, significantly increasing the likelihood of successful and productive employment.

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HR Management and Strategy Consulting

RTMA Group offers expert consulting in optimizing HR processes and developing personnel management strategies. We assist companies in analyzing and improving their internal HR processes, developing effective motivation and evaluation systems, and solving complex HR issues, thereby enhancing work efficiency and achieving strategic business goals.

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Employee Training and Development Programs

We develop and implement personalized training and development programs for employees of client companies. This may include leadership training, professional education, team-building events, and personal growth programs. Our aim is not only to enhance employees' professional skills but also to foster leadership qualities and teamwork, which are key to the success of modern organizations.

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HR Functions Outsourcing

RTMA Group offers comprehensive outsourcing services for various HR functions. This allows companies to reduce costs and focus on their core business by entrusting payroll management, benefits, labor relations, and other HR tasks to our professionals. We provide flexible and scalable solutions that adapt to the needs and sizes of any organization, ensuring effective and modern personnel management.